Baccarat casino online game is very unusual. You cannot “do” anything with cards like in Poker or even in Blackjack. Here, everything depends on the bet you make. Each gamer can bet on a bank, tie, or a player. If your choice is correct, you win, even if you…are a loser. It means when a gambler chooses the “bank” bet and loses the game, he wins the bet and gets a certain prize sum.

The sum of this prize always depends on the bet’s size, the number of gamblers involved in the game, and their choice. For example, when several guys play, you bet on a bank, and all pick the “player” stake, you get everything, when the bank beats gamers. The tie bet plays rarely, but it has the largest 1:8 payouts.

Baccarat casino online game in Canada

baccarat casino online

Traditionally, online Baccarat Canada games can be played for free (slots variant), or a live, real-money format can be chosen. Both versions are available at legally licensed casinos. Traditionally, winners there do not pay taxes on their prizes.

The goal of the game is to score the most points, 9 or 8. First of all, the croupier deals two cards to all Baccarat casino online participants, including himself. Then it is possible to receive a third card. However, you need to count the number of points already received.

Counting pints is simple here:

  • Ace gives one point;
  • Picture cards are zeros (10 is also 0);
  • Cards with numbers give the points pictured on them. That is, 2 in Baccarat casino online game gives 2 points, etc.

If the score is a two-digit number, then the first digit is discarded. That is, 19 points is 9, 27 points are 7, etc.

The 3rd card in Baccarat

In the original Baccarat, the player used to make a decision whether to ask for the 3rd card or not. In the modern version of the game, the decision on the third card is automated. If the player scored less than 6 points, he receives the 3rd card. When the dealer has less than 5 points, he takes the third card for himself.

Baccarat strategies

There are some systems of playing Baccarat, based on simple laws of probability theory. The theory says that multiple repetitions of the same event happen rarely. That is, if the dealer wins, then the repeated dealer’s victory loses in probability. If the game does not end with a tie for a long time, then it makes sense to pick the tie bet.

Live baccarat in Canada

In Canada, you can always play Baccarat online for fun. You do it by picking the following options:

  • Playing any mobile baccarat free app;
  • Enjoying Demo game version (casino slots);
  • Using the site with a free game variant.

Meanwhile, a live game cannot be free. The croupier (real person) plays against you, and for him, the game is not fun, but a job. He is working, and therefore, this job is paid. A part of the bets’ money is his salary. Thus, only registered gamblers, who have enough money on their deposit, can make real-money bets, playing in a live casino.