Custom Domain for GitHub Pages

15 February 2015 ~ blog

I have been working for a while now to get my blog fully cut over to being generated by JBake and hosted on GitHub; it's not all that difficult, just a format conversion and some domain fiddling, but I was procrastinating.

Pointing your GitHub Pages at a custom domain is not all that hard to do, and they provide decent documentation about how to do it; however, some streamlining is nice for DNS novices like myself. I may have done things a bit out of order, but it worked in the end...

First, I created A records for the GitHub-provided IP Addresses. I use Godaddy for my domain names, so your experience may be a bit different; but, in the Godaddy DNS Zone File editor you end up adding something like:

A Record

Next, I added a CName record alias for www pointing to my GitHub account hostname, which ended up looking like this:

CName Record

Lastly, you need to make changes in your repository - this step seems to be missed by a lot of people. The gist of it is that you add a new file to your gh-pages branch, named CNAME (all caps, no extension). And in that file you add your domain name (without http://www.). Save the file and be sure you push it to your remote repository.

At this point it worked for me, but the documentation said it could take up to 48 hours to propagate the changes.

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