Call Screening Tip

28 September 2012 ~ blog

Yes, I am one of those people who likes to screen my phone calls. Basically, I don't want my phone to ring unless it's important... there is only one caller that I want my phone to ring for and that is my wife. Everything else can go to voice mail.

I had an app called "Special Call" for a while that worked great. You would pick a contact that would always ring, no matter what the volume or sound mode; however, after the Android 4 upgrade (ICS) it never really worked right. It would still put the special calls through, but it would then turn on the sound so that any call or notification after a "special call" would be at normal volume which kind of defeats the purpose.

So, I had an idea and it actually works great. With my phone, and I would assume all Android phones, I can configure a default ringtone and then configure separate ringtones for any contact. I created a "silence" ringtone by recording a few seconds of silence in an empty conference room at work. Then I made this my default ringtone and gave my wife her own normal ringtone.

Now, without any extra app, I can easily turn on or off the ring for any contact. It's quite handy.

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