Simple Hashing

25 October 2005 ~ blog java

A co-worker showed me this recently as a quick means of creating a simple hash. Say you have the following user

Name: John Doe
YOB: 1973

and you need to generate a six character string identifier for the user. First, you need to convert the name to a
long by parsing it with a radix of 36.

long nameId = Long.parseLong("John Doe",36);

Then, lets use an exclusive OR (^) to blend the name and birth year to get a new identifier value (adds a little

long id = 1973L ^ nameId;

To limit the number of characters in the final string, we need to put an upper limit on the number by taking the
modulus of the max value:

long limit = Long.parseLong("zzzzzz",36);
long value = id % limit;

Note that we want six characters so there are six Zs. To get the string value simply convert the long to a string
using a radix of 36 (all 26 letters and all ten digits).

String idstr = Long.toString(value,36);


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